1. I was doing a little research on Shared Purpose and found a really awesome TEDTalk from TEDxSDSU by Larry Kesslin called, Shared Common Purpose. He talks about how humans crave connectedness and how connecting relates to Shared Purpose. He is a really awesome speaker and a lot of what he says can relate to what we are learning in this class.

2. Something else I found while exploring Shared Purpose was a silly short video that looked at Shared Purpose on a bigger scale and the purposes everyone living on earth shares. It is called, A Quick Guide to Shared Purpose, and was a fun and interesting video.

3. I really enjoyed reading ED677’s post on Shared Purpose, especially their implications. I liked that they linked Shared Purpose with creating students who are college, career, and civil ready. I think people can find Shared Purpose in really anything they do. Awesome post!

4. I loved reading/viewing Danielle’s map project. I never thought of using Prezi for something like this, but what a great idea! One thing though that I found frustrating with Prezi (and I could be wrong) is that you have to have an account to be able to view someone else’s work. Is this right?

5. So many things today are done on the internet or with some kind of technology that it is very hard to get by without having these resources. EveryoneOn is an organization that is trying to make internet and technology more accessible to those less privileged individuals. Even something as common as filling out college application is done online so how can we expect students to further their education if they don’t even have the means they need to do so. Thanks #ourkidsmatter for sharing what you found!




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