Make A Map! – WEEK SEVEN

For my map I wanted to reflect on the journey I am taking to become a teacher so I created a timeline of all the steps I have taken so far. I used a website called TimeToast to create the timeline and make it public for anyone to see. With this program you are able to upload your own photos and even link websites to your posts on your timeline, it is a really awesome program. At first there were some events that I didn’t have anything to go along digitally, for example my new pre-student teaching experience. For this I have not created anything or taken any pictures, but then I thought why not at a link to the school website so readers can learn more about the school and their climate. Overall the timeline allowed me to organize my journey but still be creative!

Here is the link to my timeline…

Right now in my life I am in the middle of my path to becoming a teacher and it is one that has taken many turns and hit many road bumps. It also is one that I am very proud of and all the obstacles that I have had to face and will face are only going to make me a stronger educator. Sometimes we can forget the steps and turns that we have taken to get us to where we are, so it was nice to be able to document them in a way that I will be able to always revist. I really enjoyed not only reflecting on my journey but being a “maker” as I did it.

One aspect of this blog post assignment that I think is just as important as the actual “making” is the questions we were asked to reflect on. In chapter four of Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom, Clifford Lee says that, “simply creating an artifact and/or levering new and exciting digital tools will not surface”. There needs to be meaning and purpose in the things we create and reflecting on our process can help us find that meaning and purpose.


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