Find Five Friday: (What Inspires Me to Create and Make)

  1. TimeToast – This is a free resource that I used to create my timeline for the map assignment. It is extremely user friendly and easy to maneuver. I would even say it is so simple that older elementary school students would be able to use it. Super awesome tool and did I mention it’s FREE!
  2. From the article I found a link to a webinar, What Does “Interest Driven” Look Like?. CLTV (Connective Learning TV) posted this webinar in which Paul Oh from the National Writing Project interviews a number of experts. The interviews give great examples of what interest driven teaching looks like. If anyone is having trouble understanding this idea watch this video, it is great!
  3. I am sure that many of you reading this post know what Etsy is but for the one or two of you who don’t I want to draw your attention to a site that inspires me to create/make every time I go on. Etsy is a site where individuals can go on to sell or buy handmade items. When I see that talent that is on this site it inspires me to use my creativity and try more DIY projects. Something that I just learned this week actually is that the COO of Etsy just became the CEO of Teachers Pay Teachers. Cool, right?!
  4. I also stumbled across a really awesome blog this week while exploring teachers as makers and creators. It is called Creating & Teaching. A pre-school teacher blogs about the things she creates with her students. I especially like this site because she posts a lot about working with students with special needs and how she creates with them in the classroom.
  5. Teach Teachers How to Create Magic is a TED Talk where Christopher Emdin talks about teaching in urban settings and creating magic in these settings. He says that you create magic by going to places where magic happens, barbershops, rap concerts, churches. We need to create the magic in content and standards by bringing the magic from these places into the classroom and by doing this “we could make dead classes come alive, we could reignite imaginations, and we can change education”.



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