1. Teachers Pay Teachers – If you have not already checked this out from reading my blog post from this week, do it! So many cool lessons and resources and the best thing is that it is supporting fellow teachers!
  2. After reading a few of my classmates blogs about how they were new to Twitter and how intimidating it could be to first time users I wanted to see if there were any resources or guides for teachers about how to use Twitter. On Edudemic, which is a website that connects education and technology, I found an article titled, A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter. It was an extremely useful article that had a lot of really great suggestions.
  3. Through one of our classmate’s blogs I came across the article, How to Build a Culture of Originality, in their Find Five Friday. They brought up one idea in the article that I found really interesting, brainwriting. It is the idea of letting individuals think up ideas on their own before going to share them with the group. I think if we gave our students more opportunities to think on their own before sharing with the class I believe more students will be willing to contribute.
  4. This week in my pre-student teaching classroom I was introduced to the website, GoNoodle. This website is created to get kids moving and improve their moods. In my classroom it is used to provide the students with a “brain break” after they have been working for a while and before they move onto the next lesson. The kids love it! You gotta try it!
  5. I really enjoyed reading Lacey’s post this week, and  how she chose to reflex on this class as a community. I agree with her when she says that even though she doesn’t know what we look like she still has a sense of who we are and how awesome it is to be able to connect with educators of all different backgrounds.
  6. From Teaching & Tamales’ Find Five Friday I came across the article which show us how you can build a sense of community in the classroom and also still be teaching curriculum to the students. They show us how this is possible through Read Alouds. Some books like The Junkyard Wars show students that we all belong, and we all have something to contribute to our communities.
  7. In Tom’s post, Communities and Learning he says that, “schools who may be financially disadvantaged in comparison to other schools may be able improve their performance through community based initiatives”. When I first started to reflect on school communities I didn’t think of this idea until reading his post. It just goes to show how school community is extremely important for the success of the school and can play a vital part in raising funds for schools.

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