1. Like Danielle, the concept of connected learning is still something I am wrapping my head around, but I really enjoyed reading her most recent post about participation. She talks about how teachers with all different backgrounds were able to come together and work towards accomplishing a single goal for their students. I think it is so awesome how one common goal or interest can bring together people of all different experiences and who come from all different places.
  2. When I was reading Khaliah’s post, Interest as a Young Student, I thought it was really awesome how her teacher was able to recognize her interest and create a way for her to explore that interest further and still have her grow as a student. Not only do I think Khaliah’s experience made her a better dancer but it also help to build her self-confidence.
  3. I think Ryan did a great job showing us how even something like losing weight and exercising can even have a connected learning component. In his Participation Challenge blog post he uses the examples of blogs, articles, and videos which share new exercises and information about nutrition. With the internet all of a sudden our world gets that much bigger and the community of people participating in the same things we are grows larger.
  4. I think Tom’s post is a great example of how as educators it is important to make our classroom a warm and inviting place for our students to participate but also realize that it will take more students longer to warm up, especially those new students. We need to allow student to participate at their own pace but still make sure everyone feels comfortable when they do decide to participate.
  5. For my final Find Five Friday this week I wanted to “re-find” one of the finds on Teacher & Tamales. They posted a resource that provides a lot of information about legal immigration. I am a very visual learner so this was extremely helpful to me for learner about something I didn’t know much about. With this I can also see how valuable these Five Find Fridays are to us because without them I am sure I never would have come across this graphic to help me better understand legal immigration.

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