For my first week I wanted to explore the list of blogs that Christine Cantrill provided with us. I have never explored education blogs and thought this was a good opportunity for me to build a collection of blog resources.

  1. This week I read a post by Maha Bali on her blog Reflecting Aloud. It was all about an event she attended on the education reform in Egypt. I have always been very interested in how education in other countries is different from ours in the United States, so this title stuck out to me. Specifically she talks about the keynote speaker, Pasi Sahlberg. She shares a quote from his speech that really got me thinking, “the worst enemy of creativity is standardization”. How can we allow our students to be creative if everything has requirements and outlines that need to be followed? Overall it was a great read!

Side Note: I really liked that at the top of each post Maha had the average amount of time it will take you to read that post. I thought this was an awesome feature to have.

  1. Another post that I read was on BlogWalker. This article interested me because the author talks about how educators can use filmmaking to show the importance of developing literacy skills to our students. They talk about how using film to create documentaries with students is a great example of student-driven, project-based learning.
  2. I loved reading recent posts on The Spicy Learning Blog. It’s nice to read the words of a “very…weird” educator like Royan. His writing is very light and easy to read but yet provides the readers with great insights into education and even parenting. I also read a lot of the comments that were posted after each post and I love how Royan is a part of them and contributes to the comment conversations. Great blog and one that I will be adding to my favorites bar!
  3. When reading the latest post on the blog Kevin’s Meandering Mind I was taken to another one of the author’s projects, Wild West Adventures of the Internet Kid. This is a series of daily comics that share insights of the modern culture of technology, more specifically, young people’s interactions in the digital age. It is really fun to read.
  4. This week I also read the latest Weekly News on Hack Education. Each week Hack Education posts a summary of what is happening in the world of education. Some of this week’s highlights include Jeb Bush’s plan for higher education, a complaint filed that says a NYC charter school was violating the civil rights of students with disabilities, and the revamping of the GED. I really enjoyed reading this because it is something you can read in full or just glance over to see what is currently happening in education. All the currents events for education are found in one place with this weekly news posting.
  5. I wanted to explore The New York Time’s blog The Learning Network this week as well. The New York Times is such a credible resource that I figured a blog about teaching and learning with The New York Times would have to be a very usable resource. From just explore the site I could see how diverse the activities that they provided/suggested are. I saw activities for ELL students, high school students, and even activities for students who are Star Wars fans. This site is updated very frequently so the activities are very current. I would say that the activities are geared more towards older students, so as an elementary school teacher I might not find this as useful.
  6. The last blog I explored was Art Museum Teaching. The idea of museum education  was something I have never really heard or thought of before so this blog was very educational for me. I started out by reading the posting titled 2015 Year in Review because I thought it would give me a nice overview of what the blog was all about. The post talked about some of the issues that were on our minds in 2015. One thing that they looked back on was one of their most popular postings about teachable moments on Facebook and using Facebook as a tool, which I found very interesting. Over all a very cool post and blog overall. This one is a keeper too!

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