As a young person I always had an interest for the performing arts; plays, musicals, concerts. I started out by signing in the chorus in Elementary School, then started performing in the plays and musicals in Middle School, and eventually became President of the Thespian Troop in High School. In High School I was even provided with the opportunity to take classes on drama and stage crew.

In second grade my Mom signed me up for the school play, Mary Poppins, where I was a duck in the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene. I truly believe this is what sparked my interest in the performing arts. Ever since then I have wanted to be in the shows every year and be involved in multiple choirs at school. In middle school I was able to take private voice lessons where I could learn about my interest outside of school. Whenever I was up on stage performing or at play rehearsal practicing I always felt like I had found a place I belonged and was happy that I found people who shared my interest.

Both of my parents have been very supportive of this interest from the very beginning. They drove me to and from play rehearsal, researched other ways I could pursue my interest, and sat through three night in a row of the same show I was performing in. My extended family was also extremely supportive of me. They came to every show I was ever in and knowing that they were there to watch and cheer me on made it that much more special.

This interest allowed me to learn so many things in school. Not only did I learn about the performing arts, self-confidence, and leadership, but I also learned about historical events and different topics in English/literature. I remember specifically how much I learned about Salem and the Salem Witch Trials when performing in The Crucible.

Having an interest in the performing arts was something that shaped me into who I am today and I couldn’t think of anything else I would have rather pursued throughout my schooling.


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